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I lost my cool today. I raised my voice because I felt I wasn’t being listened to. I acted in a way that I hated.

I was trying to make dinner, do dishes, and come down from the day. My son was trying to grab every sharp and pointy thing in the dish washer. When I told him no he tried to slam the dish washer closed and he threw a fit. In this fit he tried to touch the hot stove.

I lost it. I picked him up, but him on his time out spot and raised my voice saying “Holden, you need to listen”

He of course was still crying from being told no the first time. I am sure seeing me yell only made the situation worse in his eyes. I went back to the stove and felt horrible. There was no need to yell. There was no need to act the way I did. In the grand scheme of things, it’s probably nothing. Parents are allowed to use their cool. For me, it represented everything I try not to be as a parent.

I sat down with him and tried to explain myself. He’s two, so I’m sure not much sunk it, but I wanted him to hear the words that his actions were not okay, but that didn’t justify mine. I’m sure it’s not the last time I’ll lose my cool... I’m sure I’ll be at my limit again with him misbehaving... What I can do better next time is try to view the world through his eyes.


I am not an expert at this. I’ve been fortunate to

have a few role parenting role models. I’ve also had plenty of examples of how parents shouldn’t act. I know how life goes... I’m positive that’s I’ll lose my cool again. I just always want to make sure I put it all into perspective.

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