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Keto Beginner Guide

This should have been the first blog post I wrote for this site, but here it is.


Step 1:


Step 1.5:

Not for the first week anyways. Download Carb Manager and track EVERYTHING you eat and drink. It sucks, it's tedious, but it will set the foundation for success.

Step 2:

You've tracked everything for a week. That was a lot of carbs, wasn't it?

Now it's time to get into MACROS. The basics set up you want is 70% calories from fat, 25% from protein, 5% from carbs.

...but how do I know how many calories are in those things. Easy, that app, but if you aren't using it, 9 calories per gram of fat, 4 calories per gram of carbs and protein, but use the app.


Step 3:

Still TRACK EVERYTHING YOU EAT. It'll be hard to get enough fat when you first start. Most Normie diets try to keep things as low fat as possible. Cheeses, healthy fats, butter, can be added to any dish to up it's fat value.

Step 4:

Don't look for replacement things like keto breads and sweets just yet. Get your basics down and focus on what the diet it. You are changing your body from burning sugar to burning fat...

It's a transition... it will suck.

Step 5:

Keto Flu?!?! Yea, you will probably get it. You'll feel sluggish, you'll be foggy, but there are ways to combat the flu. Electrolytes. Add Himalayan Pink Salt to your water. Go buy some of those Mio electrolyte things if you NEED water to be tasty or something. That's the secret.

Step 6:

Alright, you are two or more weeks in. You may see the number on the scale going down. I'm proud of you. Really, good job. Now we gotta keep that going! But... how? the basics! Keep tracking. You'll get to a point in a few months where you start to stall. You've likely lost some weight and your calorie needs aren't where they were. It's a moving scale, you have to adjust as you go. You've got this.

Step 7:

Start playing with it. Make some fun recipes, the Keto Cubano Pizza on this website is great. Get some low carb treats. High Key makes some amazing cookies. Make some keto cheesecake or something. idk what you like, but there are plenty of options now. You've earned a treat.

Step 8:

Keep the weight off. Why did you start keto in the beginning. Know why you started. I doubt it was because you read this on the internet and it inspired you. (If that is why, totally let me know). Anyways, be apart of the community, there are a lot of great people at all stages of the keto lifestyle. Just don't be the keto police... everyone has their macros, let them have it.

Some Additional Tips:

Drink so much water. Be obnoxious with how much water you drink. Just make sure it isn't Arrowhead... cause that's gross.

Track everything (THIS ONE IS IMPORTANT)

Don't obsess over the scale, the scale is not your friend. I am your friend. The scale is dumb and doesn't take into consideration all of the work you did.

Celebrate the non-scale victories. Are all your clothes too big now? Hell yea. Is your face to face Friday pic particularly good? BOOM, that's where the magic is at.

That's about it. Let me know how you do, okay?

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