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Status Quo is a Killer - One Step Better

I've just about wrapped up my second week with the team at Whirks. Honestly, it's been a fantastic experience and I regret not joining this team sooner. The central message of the company is One Step Better. I've really resonated with this message and I plan on making this a central message of my personal life as well.

I wanted to break down the idea of One Step Better, in the way that I understand it and how it relates to me. Status Quo is a killer. If we only aim to keep things the way they are, they will never progress. I've sold to a number of industries and it's always scared me when I've heard "this is the way we have always done it". Why? Why not look to improve? Are you leaving money on the table? Are you spending time that could be put into something else?

I'm going to pick on the restaurant industry here a bit, but it's only because it's the one I am most passionate about. Frankly, there are SO MANY companies pushing similar ideas. Lets save you a few minutes here, lets save you a few minutes there. Look at the ROI! Look at any of the tech companies selling to the restaurant industry, it's their central message for most of their marketing pieces. ROI makes sense, it quantifies why you should buy this piece of software. What I feel is missing is the actual usage of the software. Truth is these software companies don't care if you actually use it, just that you pay for it. There are definitely companies that utilize their software and they are industry leaders for a reason. The reason that I bring this up is that for everyone that says they can improve your business, how many are actually supporting you in that once the ink is dry?

We've got to look at getting better on a daily basis. You've got to look at your vendors to see who is helping you get One Step Better. You've also got to look at your own processes. Don't try to fit your old processes into something new. Frankly, the deck is stacked against us right now. We've all got to get better and we have to be real about what is not working. What can you change today to get better?

Don't fall victim to the Status Quo.

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