• Steven Downer

Why I Chose Keto

While this website is primarily designed to host my resume, I wanted to take some time chronicle my weight loss journey. Below are some of the reasons I chose the keto diet and how it has shaped my life. (this is my first blog post and will likely be a rambling paragraph of unconnected points)

For most of my life I struggled with how I viewed myself. I struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember. I was always the "Big Guy" and I hated it. I still struggle with how I view myself even now that I've lost the weight. I feel that is always something I will carry.

I had friends that had seen great success on the keto diet. I saw their success and did not think I could do the same. I had started the diet a few times, never really digging into any of the real components, but pretended I was on a diet. I'd sneak carb filled snacks and pretended that if no one saw me eat it, it couldn't possibly count. It was October 2019, talking to some coworkers that got it to stick. I had previously dabbled in keto and saw myself as an "expert".

I had used that feeling to dive deeper into the mechanics of the diet and learned a lot. I essentially live a keto lifestyle now (with some detours to carbs here and there). I feel much more in control of how I eat and when I eat. I no longer seek to hide carb filled snacks.

It's still not second nature, it takes will power, I just have more of that now.

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